Next Concert:
Date TBD

Benefit Concert for On Lok Lifeways.   More details to follow.  

We are always seeking opportunities to support our community, increase our audience and attract singers. Share your ideas with us!  

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Singers Wanted!
Colla Voce is looking for talented singers in all sections.

New singers are always welcome.  
Auditions are ongoing! 

 Join a fun bunch of guys as we sing to raise awareness and funds for our community. See our Membership page for more details.

Former Singers!
Join us for our next concert! 

Rehearsals started on January 30th!  To access the rehearsal music, log in below. 




“Colla voce” is an Italian music direction meaning “following the voice.” It signifies from whom the other instruments take their cues.

Colla Voce is a proud member of GALA Choruses (Gay and Lesbian Association of Choruses).

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Welcome to our website!
Here you can find info about our upcoming concerts (below), past events, our mission and how you can get involved: as a singer, a volunteer, a beneficiary and/or as a supporter

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Next Benefit Concert!  Date TBD

Colla Voce's next Benefit Concert for On Lok Lifeways, originally planned for early November, has been delayed.  On Lok Lifeways provides primary and specialist medical care, dentists, podiatrists, eye doctors, hearing specialists, physical therapists, prescription drugs and more. We also organize social activities and serve nutritious meals.

Below is a picture of Colla Voce singers with On Lok's own Kelvin Quan, just prior to the start of the 2014 San Francisco Pride Parade!

Stay tuned for details on the upcoming Benefit Concert!    

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Thanks to all who attended our April 26th Benefit Concert! We raised $1,000 for the GLBT Historical Society!  For more info, visit our past concerts page, here.  


And below is video sampling from our previous Benefit Concert, Beacon of Hope, on behalf of the community outreach services of Saint Aidan's Episcopal Church.   

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We sing Benefit Concerts!
Our mission is to raise LGBT awareness and support the community through Benefit Concerts.  At these concerts, 100% of our ticket sales support other non-profits.   Click below for our Public Service Annoucement (PSA) video. 


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Auditions for Singers are Ongoing!
We are seeking a few good men's voices!  Colla Voce is holding auditions for all men's voice parts. Come to any Thursday rehearsal and discover the joy of singing in this group.  Just contact first to be sure we are rehearsing on the Thursday you want to visit. 

WHEN:  7 PM on Thursday evening rehearsals 
WHERE:  ODC Theater, Mott Studio, at 3153 17th Street.

Auditions generally follow the rehearsal. See our Membership for additional details.

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A website can only convey so much, so come to our concerts (or rehearsals) and ask us in person! You are also welcome to contact us via email.  Thanks for visiting!