Next Concert:
May 2, 2014

(Date Tentative)

Farewell Concert for Colla Voce!
More details to follow.  

Former singers are invited to join us for all or part!  Just let us know! 

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“Colla voce” is an Italian music direction meaning “following the voice.” It signifies from whom the other instruments take their cues.

Colla Voce is a proud member of GALA Choruses (Gay and Lesbian Association of Choruses).

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Welcome to our website!
Here you can find info about our upcoming concerts (below), past events, our mission and how you can get involved: as a singer, a volunteer, a beneficiary and/or as a supporter

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Final Colla Voce Concert!  May 2nd (Tentative)

Colla Voce' is holding its final concert, tentatively set for Saturday, May 2nd.  Colla Voce has proudly served the SF Bay Area community over the past ten years, performing over twenty benefit concerts and raising over $20,000. A full list of our past performances and beneficiariies is posted on our Past Events webpage.

Despite these successes, the size of our ensemble has diminished over the years, to the point where preparing and performing benefit concerts is no longer feasible.

So we are going out on a high note, singing a final free concert for our friends, families and former beneficiaries.  The music for this final concert are selections of favorites from the past ten years of Colla Voce concerts.  It will be night of melodies, friendships and memories, and we would love if you could join us.  

For now, save May 2nd and stay tuned for more details.  Thanks!


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Below is video sampling from our Benefit Concert, Beacon of Hope, on behalf of the community outreach services of Saint Aidan's Episcopal Church.   

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We sing Benefit Concerts!
Our mission is to raise LGBT awareness and support the community through Benefit Concerts.  At these concerts, 100% of our ticket sales support other non-profits.   Click below for our Public Service Annoucement (PSA) video. 



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A website can only convey so much, so come to our concerts (or rehearsals) and ask us in person! You are also welcome to contact us via email.  Thanks for visiting!